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Strategies, or "Strats", are just as they sound. Specialized playing methods to maximize a country's growth potential.

There are several strategies recommended for various purposes in Earth Empires. They are chiefly developed to capitalize from the bonuses offered by the various governments you may choose from, as well as situational requirements such as netgaining or warfare.

Some strategies may assist you in focusing heavily on the production of military units, oil, bushels, or technology for sale on the public market to generate a profit, where others will have you generating high amounts of income in order to purchase these goods from market.

With all strategies it is important to understand that there are always pros and cons, and to build a successful country you have to depend heavily on the Public Market system that is known to become quite volatile at times.

Summary of strategies

Below is listed a few of the more common, and popular strategies within the Earth Empires community;

Strat Name Growth potential Primary buildings used Primary tech needed Importance of tech Primary government Secondary governments War ability General difficulty of play
Industrialist Medium High Industrial Complex Industrial Medium Communism (none) Medium high Suitable for beginner
Farmer Medium Farm Agricultural High Fascism Dictatorship, Republic, Democracy High Suitable for beginner
Casher Medium high Enterprise Zone, Residence Business, Residential Very high Republic Democracy, Dictatorship, Theocracy High Intermediate
Techer Medium High Research Lab (none) Low Theocracy, Tyranny Democracy Medium high Experienced
Reseller variable Military Base Military High Theocracy Democracy Medium Expert
Oiler variable Oil Rig (none) Low Fascism (none) Medium high Experienced
Rainbow Low Every building Medium Variable Any government N/A Very low (do not use)
Note: These are only a basic examples. Many more strategies exist and are constantly being tweaked and redesigned to enhance game play.

Notes on difficulty of play

It is generally agreed that industrialist and farmer are the most stable strategies due to the constant demand for their products on the public market.

Cashers are next on the tier of difficulty because the casher is very vulnerable in the beginning and relies heavily on tech, requiring the player to carefully balance military and tech based on general community conditions, alliances, presence of potential enemies, etc.

Techers must spend some turns exclusively for teching, while all the other strategies except resaler generate their income passively no matter how the turns are used. This adds another element of complexity, but on some servers techers have greater potential for growth than the other strategies.

Oiler is a very difficult strategy because oil is the least demanded commodity and prices are highly variable requiring a very deep understanding of the public market and the earth community as a whole. It is also very luck based.

Resellers also require the same demonstration of knowledge as oiler, except resalers must buy and sell many times daily on a constant basis, which makes the strategy even more difficult to play.

In the current earth environment (Early to mid 2011), it is thought that the majority of players are farmers, cashers, or techers.

In general, it is agreed that over long peaceful periods, the techer has the best, most stable potential for growth.