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Tech Per Turn

(also TPT for short) is the maximum number of tech points a country can research in a turn. This number is ultimately determined by the number of total research labs built on the land relative to the total amount acres. The more labs you have in relation to your total acres will provide a higher tech rate.

Technology strengthens your country by increasing its production or capabilities in a variety of ways. It can also reduce costs or casualties in battle.

Technology can be acquired in five ways:

  1. Produced using research labs.
  2. Bought off the public market.
  3. Stolen using the espionage spy operation.
  4. Procured through research pacts.
  5. Gained in successful planned strike or standard strike attacks.

Depending on your choice of government, you may have natural technological penalties or bonuses. Theocracy has a -35% penalty to their maximum tech, while democracies have a +10% maximum tech bonus. Communism has a +20% tech effectiveness bonus.


Technology Affects Base % Maximum Tech %
Normal Democracy Theocracy


Reduces military expenditures. Lowers private market cost to buy. Raises private market sell prices. 100% 83.33% 81.66% 89.16%


Reduces military losses in attacks against you. Aids in curing the effects of bio terrorism 100% 66.66% 63.33% 78.33%


Increases maximum per capita income 100% 180% 188% 152%


Increases maximum population 100% 180% 188% 152%


Increases the maximum amount of bushels that can be produced in a turn. 100% 230% 243% 184.5%


Increases missile production capabilities. 0.2% 5% 5.5% 3.32%

Military Strategy

Allows your forces to gain more land and resources from both planned strike and standard strike attacks as well as increases the returns (damage) of other attacks. 100% 140% 144% 126%


Increases your overall military strength without the need to buy more military units. 100% 150% 155% 132.5%


Increases the amount of military units your industrial complexes can produce each turn. 100% 160% 166% 139%


Increases the chance your operatives will successfully execute and/or thwart enemy spy missions. 100% 150% 155% 132.5%


The Strategic Defense Initiative, is a ground-based weapons system designed to counter enemy nuclear, cruise and chemical missiles. While there is always a chance of a missile getting through, SDI can potentially destroy incoming missiles from enemy forces. 1% 90% 98.9% 58.85%