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Normal attacks are not typically considered an act of war (or in other words a harmful attack). It is generally acceptable to respond to a normal attack (or an attempt at one) with another normal attack. Clans have retaliation policies and pacts with other clans which determine how to appropriately handle these incidents. Clans usually make a list of their friends available to members to try to avoid political disturbances which can arise from hitting allies and friends.

Attack Description

Standard strike

(aka SS) The standard strike is the normal attack used when you want to attack an opponent and capture their holdings. Standard strikes cause the readiness of those forces to fall about 18-20%, so it is best not to send too many forces for no reason. These attacks take no time beyond the two turns. Standard strikes capture between 3% and 8% of your opponent's land, along with money, food, buildings, and technology. The percentage of land you receive depends on the size of your opponent (bigger opponents yield a higher percentage of land), but successive attacks bring lower returns.

Planned strike

(aka PS) Similar to the standard strike, this attack takes place immediately, but your forces will be placed in rehabilitation for a period of time (see also: Military status). During this time, the forces used in the planned attack will not be available for attacks or defense. Like a standard strike, this attack captures a variety of your opponents' buildings, land, money, and technology at slightly higher rates. Because your forces take great care in planning the attack, they get a 50% bonus in attack strength. This attack is best used for challenging larger opponents.