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This portion of the documentation covers all parts of your country, from an inside-your-country point of view.


Main Menu

The main menu is an important screen. This is your country's 'nerve center' It displays helpful information, both on the current status of your country and recent events.

Recent Events

Upon logging in, all new events that have happened to your country since your last visit to this page will be shown beneath your country's military and economic summary.

Below your recent history are filtering options designed to view these messages by specific type. You may view All news, Defending messages, Ally messages, Spy messages, Market messages, Aid messages and Clan messages.


The Global Defense Initiative (GDI) is an open organization dedicated to the protection of its members. As a member of GDI, you receive the protection of GDI forces. No country more than twice your size or less than half your size will be able to attack you without formally declaring war first. The cost of this protection requires members to pay a small fee per acre of land (see table below) they own to the GDI fund, as long as they are a member. In addition, you are not allowed to commit offensive acts against countries greater than twice your size or smaller than half your size. You cannot join the GDI unless you have not made an attack for at least 18 hours.

After the minimum membership time has passed, you may leave at any time, however, once you do, you will not be allowed to join again for 72 hours.

A permanent GDI bonus is also available, which allows 100% free membership to the initiative, however if you select this bonus, you are not allowed to leave.

GDI Fees

Server $ per Acre Notes
Primary $5  
Alliance $3  
Express $3 Special
Team $3  
Free For All $3  
Tournament Free Mandatory

GDI Types

There are two different types of GDI.



Foreign Aid

Foreign aid allows players to send up to 10% of their troops, jets, turrets, tanks, bushels, and cash to any player with which formal relations have been established. Aid is sometimes sent as a means of barter, but more commonly used to help reinforce an ally during an attack, or rebuild a country after an ally has been killed and restarted.

You cannot send aid to countries with 50% more networth than you. You may not send aid to players in vacation mode either. To send foreign aid, it costs 3 turns, and once aid is sent, you cannot send foreign aid to another player for 22 hours.

Top Players

This link will give you a list of the top countries for the current game server you are playing on. The scores page will also show you the top players of the server, but also a range of players close to your net worth.


The preferences page lets you set a number of options for your country.

Public Market Purchases

When buying goods from the public market there may be times when it is cheaper to buy the goods from your country's private market. By default, purchases attempted on the public market will be made on whichever market can supply the goods at the lowest price. This option allows you to force public market purchase to always be made on the public market, even if the cost is greater.

Spyop Auto-Upload

Spyop auto-uploading allows you to link your country with your clan or alliance hosting site. This means that when you perform spy operations or click a link on your advisor page, information will be automatically uploaded to your hosting site. Currently, only the following operation types are available to be auto-uploaded:

  • Spy (General op)
  • Self-op (Advisor page, link will be active if auto-uploading is turned on)

More information on uploading spy operation reports and your advisor page to clan hosting sites is available on the Op and Advisor Uploads page.

API Codes

API codes are used by hosting sites to identify who you are and ensure the information being sent is valid. In your user settings page of your clan host, there should be an input box to enter your API code. Please ask one of your clan's administrators for help if you can't find it. It is advisable that if you should leave a clan, change your API key immediately because as long as both your in-game code and site-host codes match, your information will still be sent there (This is mostly a Boxcar issue, however it's good practice to change it regardless). Changing your API code in one country on any server will change your API code across the whole game. You will need to modify your API code to match all other hosting sites. A new code can be generated by clicking the (Get a new API key) link to the right of this section.


Delete your country

If you no longer wish to play your country, or would like to start a new one, you may choose to delete your country from this menu. Note: You cannot un-delete your country once it has been deleted.

  • Tutorial (whether tutorial messages are shown on pages)
  • Turn overflow notification (if selected, you will be sent a message when you go over maximum turns)


Your advisor page will show you a detailed account of your country's status. It will also show you how many turns you can play before running out of food or money. However, this will only appear when your funds or food are nearing depletion.

The Basics

Shows makeup of turns, rank, money, NW, population information and war and GDI status.

Current Status

Basic information about the current economical state of your country: Tax revenues, expenses and predicted money and resource changes per turn.

Land Distribution

Displays the current land usage for your country.

Military Forces

The current status of your military holdings. This shows all owned military assets not on the market.


Displays the current technology levels for your country.

Expense Breakdown

Shows in finer detail where your income is going.


From the manage screen, a number of options vital to your country's operation are found here. You can choose your government, modify industrial production and taxes.

Government Types

Government About this type... Bonuses Penalties Public Market Commission Turns to Attack


Monarchy is the default government and there are no additional costs for converting to another government. 6% 2


Zero market commissions allow players to resell on the public market more effectively. The cost of 3 turns per attack makes this a weaker government when engaging in battle.
  • +10% max. technology
0% 3


Larger explore rates and a higher per-capita income give Republics the opportunity to make large, successful countries. Their lower military strength makes them more vulnerable or susceptible to attacks.
  • -10% military strength
6% 2


Theocracies enjoy lower military costs, increased building rates and more money from tax revenues, but the lack of maximum allowed technology can make them somewhat vulnerable.
  • -20% Military costs
  • +40 construction speed
  • +50% max. population
  • -35% max. technology
  • Double GDI expenses
6% 2


Communists are renowned for their larger industrial capacity than other governments. Though a communist can do quite well selling military units on the public market, a considerably higher market tax helps bring them in-line with other governments.
  • +20% tech effectiveness
  • +35% industrial production
  • +35% market sale cap
10% 2


Dictatorships can be extremely powerful. A Dictators' enhanced military strength and spy effectiveness makes them primarily a war-dominating government, though building structures takes considerably longer.
  • +25% military strength
  • +30 spy effectiveness
  • +32% building capture
  • -30% build rate
6% 2


It only takes tyrants 1 turn to make a successful attack on other countries. These warmongers also benefit from extra gains (more land or more civilians, bushels and buildings killed/destroyed).
  • +20% attack gains
  • -10% military upkeep costs
6% 1


Fascist governments are well poised to make lots of money since food is always in demand and oil can potentially make a lot more than food. Market volatility directly impacts how successful this government can be.
  • +15% food production
  • +75% Oil Production
  • +15% Bonus effectiveness
6% 2

Switching Governments

The government may be changed by entering the manage menu on the left hand side while logged into the game. Within this menu is a radio button section with a range of governments. Simply select one of the government types and click on the button Start Revolution.

Effects Of Changing Government

If your current government is Monarchy, then there is no penalty for changing to another form. When changing from any other type of government to another, there are direct cash, military, technological, building, and bonus losses incurred due to your country's instability. The manage page will tell you roughly how much money, buildings and technology you will lose.

Industrial Production

By default, your country's production levels are set at 20% across the board. You can change these levels to anything you'd like, but all 5 areas must equal at %100 (or less, but why?). Industrial technology will make your industrial complexes produce more units.

Tax Rate

Tax rate is set in the manage screen on the left-side menu. This is the fraction of the money your population makes that you take to cover your expenses. The allowable range of tax rates is between 0% and 70%. Beware that both population and PCI are affected by tax rate. If your tax rate is too high people will start to leave your country, too low, and you will not make enough money!


Bonuses are a great way to help Earth Empires do a little bit of promotional advertising, while strengthening your country at the same time! Voting is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Though the bonuses may seem small, they can add up if you are persistent and vote daily.

My Bonuses/Available Bonuses

These two links switch between the voting page and the bonus "buying" page.

Bonus Types

Bonus costs differ from one server to another because of the different styles of play (set length, turns, etc).

Bonus Description
Turn bonus
Turn Server Primary Alliance Express Team FFA Tournament
Quantity 1 1 1 2 1 3
Point cost 2 2 2 2 2 2
$Quantity extra turn(s).
Income events
PCI boom Server Primary Alliance Express Team FFA Tournament
Quantity 2 2 4 4 2 6
Point cost 6 6 4 4 2 2
$Quantity turns of increased per capita income.
Industrial boom Server Primary Alliance Express Team FFA Tournament
Quantity 2 2 1 4 2 6
Point cost 6 6 4 6 6 6
$Quantity turns of increased industrial production.
You must have industrial complexes for this bonus to be effective.
Food boom Server Primary Alliance Express Team FFA Tournament
Quantity 2 2 1 4 2 6
Point cost 6 6 4 6 6 6
$Quantity turns of increased food production.
You must have farms or be producing food in order for this bonus to be effective.
Oil boom Server Primary Alliance Express Team FFA Tournament
Quantity 2 2 1 4 2 6
Point cost 2 6 4 6 6 6
$Quantity turns of increased oil production.
You must have oil rigs in order for this bonus to be effective.
Permanent bonuses
Building Cost Server Primary Alliance Express Team FFA Tournament
Quantity -1.3% -1.3% -1.25% -2.6% -1.3% -3%
Point cost 8 8 8 8 8 8
$Quantity reduction to building costs.
Defense Server Primary Alliance Express Team FFA Tournament
Quantity +0.5% +0.5% +1.0% +2.6% +0.5% +1.1%
Point cost 8 8 16 8 8 8
$Quantity increase in defensive power.
Luck Server Primary Alliance Express Team FFA Tournament
Quantity +0.4% +0.4% +0.25% +0.8% +0.4% +0.9%
Point cost 8 8 6 8 8 8
$Quantity increase of luck.
What is Luck?
Luck is the subtlest of a country's attributes. Luck will lead to better explore returns, greater missile production, and lower market times. In addition: lucky countries have a greater chance of performing successful spy operations, and a greater chance of successfully attacking when odds are unevenly matched.
Expenses Server Primary Alliance Express Team FFA Tournament
Quantity -0.8% -0.8% -1.25% -1.6% -0.8% -1.8%
Point cost 8 8 12 8 8 8
$Quantity reduction in military costs.
Resource Decay Server Primary Alliance Express Team FFA Tournament
Quantity -2.1% -2.1% -2.5% -4.2% -2.1% -4.8%
Point cost 8 8 6 8 8 8
$Quantity reduction of resource decay.
Private Market Units Server Primary Alliance Express Team FFA Tournament
Quantity -0.5% -0.5% -0.5% -1.0% -0.5% -1.1%
Point cost 8 8 8 8 8 8
$Quantity regeneration of units in private market.
Permanent GDI Server Primary Alliance Express Team FFA Tournament
Quantity -- -- -- -- -- --
Point cost 16 16 16 16 16 16
This bonus may only be purchased once. Once you have selected this bonus, it is impossible to leave GDI, but it will also not cost money to maintain. Use this bonus carefully, it cannot be undone!

Some of the permanent bonuses have a limit which may or may not be achievable with the number of points given out in a set. For example, if a country achieves a 100% reduction in resource decay, it cannot spend any further points towards that bonus.


Free for all control


(aka the Purchases screen) is a game market which is not interactive with other players. You may buy and sell troops, jets, turrets, food, and on the Express server, oil. Spies can also be sold on the private market, but not purchased.

Market Units

Unit Description Private Market sale price


Spies are used to perform spy operations, and can only be produced by industrial complexes. They are not a tradeable unit, and can only be sold on your private market. $144
Click more info for extended information
Attack power Defensive power Base Private market
SS PS GS BR AB SS PS GS BR AB cost sell price


More info...
1 1.5 1 - - 1 1 1 - - $144 $36
Extended info
NW value Food Consumption Maintenance Indy production
$0.5 (per unit) 0.001 (bushels/turn) $0.11 (per turn) 1.86 (units/turn per IC)


More info...
2 3 - 2 - - - - - - $192 $48
Extended info
NW value Food Consumption Maintenance Indy production
$0.6 (per unit) 0.001 (bushels/turn) $0.14 (per turn) 1.86 (units/turn per IC)


More info...
- - - - - 2 2 - 2 - $210 $52
Extended info
NW value Food Consumption Maintenance Indy production
$0.6 (per unit) 0.001 (bushels/turn) $0.18 (per turn) 1.86 (units/turn per IC)


More info...
4 6 - - 4 4 4 - - 4 $588 $147
Extended info
NW value Food Consumption Maintenance Indy production
$2 (per unit) 0.003 (bushels/turn) $0.57 (per turn) 0.4 (units/turn per IC)


Resource Description Private Market
base cost base sell price


Food bushels are a standard resource your country requires to operate. Both your country's population and military units consume food when a turn is used. If you run out of food while running turns, a portion of your military will abandon their posts. Bushels can be bought on the public and private market, or grown using farms, and agricultural technology will increase the maximum number of bushels you can grow per turn. $360 $29


Oil is used by your military forces when attacking. It costs 1 barrel of oil for every 25 military units (troops, jets and tanks) sent into battle. Oil can be purchased on the public market, or produced with oil rigs. There is no type of technology to produce more oil. Fascist governments produce +75% more oil per rig than other governments.
Oil can only be bought and sold on the express server private market.
(express only)
(express only)

Limited Quantities

You'll probably notice that there are limited quantities of units and resources to buy. The maximum amount of units available will increase as your country gains more land. Also, the market replenishes itself over time allowing you to buy more (without necessarily gaining more land), but you will have to wait.

Military Technology

Military technology will decrease the cost of buying units and increase the sale price.


Though Theocracies have a natural -20% to military costs, this lowers the cost of buying units, but does not work the same way as military technology; selling prices are lowered, not increased.


Acquiring Buildings

Buildings are built on unused land which can be gained through exploring and standard or planned strike attacks. When attacking for land, the attacker will gain some of their opponent's already built buildings and empty land (on which buildings were once built, but destroyed), and ghost acres.

Types of Buildings

Type Description Extra information

Enterprise Zones

Increases per capita income. Business technology will also increase the effects of this building type. Republic governments have a natural +10% per capita income bonus.


Increases your country's population.

Industrial Complexes

Allows your country to produce military units. The percentage of unit types that are built can be configured on your country's country management page. Industrial technology will increase the total units that can be made per turn. Communist govenments Have a natural +35% industrial production bonus.

Military Bases

Military bases do not produce anything, however they greatly reduce per-turn military expenditures and private market purchase prices. Private market sale prices are also lowered as well. Military costs may be lowered further by acquiring military technology. Theocratic governments have a natural -20% bonus to private market costs.

Research Labs

Research labs increase a country's maximum possible tech production per turn. The amount of technology one can gain per turn is directly affected by the number of labs to overall land.


Farms produce food (aka bushels) which are needed to maintain your military and population. Overall food production can be increased with agricultural technology. The base farm production is 5.3 bushels per turn. Fascist governments have a natural +15% bonus to food production.

Oil Rigs

Oil rigs produce oil which is needed to send military units (but not spies) into battle. No technology exists for increasing oil production. Oil rigs produce 2 barrels per turn for all governments but Fascist Fascist governments have a natural +75% bonus oil production.

Construction Sites

Construction sites are special types of buildings and always require one turn to build each. Construction sites increase buildings per turn, which is a measure of how many non-construction site buildings can be constructed in one turn. There is no technology to increase your building rate. Theocracies have a natural +40% building rate bonus, while dictators have a natural -30% penalty.

Unused Land

Though technically not a building, empty acres produce small quantities of bushels per turn as well as increase your population and per capita income. Unused land should be built upon to increase productivity in various aspects of your country. Unused land is required to build buildings on.

Building and Deconstruction Costs

The cost to build one building is proportionate to a country's total acres. The more land you acquire, the more it will cost to build a single building. Deconstruction is much cheaper, but the cost is still proportionate to a country's total acres.


The cash option is for what is commonly known as 'cashing' turns. From this page, you can spend time simply generating cash. You will generate 20% more revenue for each turn spent here. On your advisor page, under the Current Status section, there is more specific information as to how much per turn you will make by cashing turns.


Exploring is one of the main options for using turn(s) in Earth Empires. In essence, your country spends turns to gain land, by sending out explorers to discover and occupy new lands.

Exploring works on a sliding scale, with the amount of land explored per turn reducing as your total land increases. However, the amount of land explored per turn does not change if multiple turns are used for exploring in a single instance, regardless of what thresholds may be passed. Therefore, it is generally most beneficial to explore at the start of a new reset, as well as exploring in large batches in order to capitalize on higher exploration rates.

Explore Rates

Your explore rate is always an integer, and is used as such when exploring is started.

Threshold represents the maximum amount of total land you can have before your exploration rate drops to the next level.
Non-republic Explore Rates
Acres/Turn Threshold
45 1920
44 1983
43 2048
42 2117
41 2189
40 2265
39 2345
Acres/Turn Threshold
38 2429
37 2518
36 2612
35 2711
34 2816
33 2928
32 3047
Acres/Turn Threshold
31 3173
30 3308
29 3453
28 3608
27 3774
26 3954
25 4149
Acres/Turn Threshold
24 4360
23 4589
22 4841
21 5116
20 5420
19 5757
18 6132
Acres/Turn Threshold
17 6553
16 7028
15 7569
14 8189
13 8909
12 9755
11 10761
Acres/Turn Threshold
10 11979
9 13484
8 15389
7 17882
6 21280
Republic Explore Rates
Acres/Turn Threshold
54 1915
53 1967
52 2021
51 2077
50 2135
49 2196
48 2259
47 2325
Acres/Turn Threshold
46 2394
45 2466
44 2541
43 2620
42 2703
41 2789
40 2881
39 2977
Acres/Turn Threshold
38 3077
37 3184
36 3297
35 3416
34 3542
33 3676
32 3818
31 3970
Acres/Turn Threshold
30 4132
29 4305
28 4491
27 4691
26 4907
25 5141
24 5394
23 5669
Acres/Turn Threshold
22 5971
21 6302
20 6666
19 7071
18 7521
17 8026
16 8596
15 9245
Acres/Turn Threshold
14 9989
13 10853
12 11868
11 13075
10 14537
9 16342
8 18629
7 21620

Batch Exploring

When you explore, you can designate a certain number of turns to explore with. Your acres-per-turn explore rate is not recalculated between each explored turn. Batch Exploring means using a full batch of turns (86, 120, 126, or 160 turns depending on your server) to explore with all at once. So for example, if your explore rate was 22 acres per turn, you would find roughly 22 acres * FullTurns. You will not grow as fast exploring in smaller bits and pieces.


Depending on your choice of government or strategy, overhead costs such as military upkeep or food should be watched closely. If you are already consuming lots of resources per turn, be sure to take into account that as your military grows, costs will increase significantly. As more people come to your country, food will be consumed faster.


Each server in Earth: Empires has a public market, where players can choose to either put their goods or technology points (hereafter referred to as 'items') up for others to buy, or they can choose to buy items that other players have put up for sale.


The market works by putting the lowest prices of an item up for sale first. If multiple countries put an item up for sale at the same price, these items are arranged so that the country that put their items up first will have their items sold first (a First-in-First-out system (FIFO)).

There is a delay between the time a player puts his/her items up for sale and the time those items reach the market. Each server in Earth: Empires has a different time delay in this period. Once these items reach the market, they will have a certain amount of time (dictated by each server) to be sold before they are returned back to the country. These delays are utilized by stockers wishing to keep their stock in a safe place between playing sessions.

When selling food, oil, and/or military units, you must sell a minimum of 5000 units. For technology, you must place a minimum of 10 units (of a particular type) on the market.

Market Sale Cap

All governments (except Communism) may only place up to 25% of each unit or tech type (they own) for sale at a time. Communist governments may place an additional 35% of each unit type and/or tech.

Market Commission

The public market takes a small percentage of the value of each transaction for itself. This commission is dictated by the government of whatever country is selling or buying.

Government Commission %
Democracy 0%
Communism 10%
Others 6%


All transactions on the public market where goods are bought take place immediately.

All transactions on the public market are viewable by other players. This information does not include the country who bought or sold the items involved in each transaction. However, the networth of each country gained or lost in each transaction may be noticed by others, and, in the right circumstances, it will be possible for other players to tell who bought or sold what.

It is possible to recall items placed on the market, should those items become needed before they are sold on the market. This recalls all items currently on the market and in route to the market--there is no way to recall only a portion of whatever is on the market. There is a turn penalty for recalling items.

Standing Orders

Players can issue what are called 'standing orders'. These are transactions a player can order for the public market to fill, at a future time. The player can place his/her order, based on the highest price he/she wishes, and the amount of items he/she wishes to buy. There is a small delay before these orders reach the market. Any item that is then placed on the market at a lower price than what the standing order calls for will be automatically bought by the country with that standing order. The orders are also placed in a FIFO system--whoever placed their order first will have theirs filled first. If a country's order is filled before the full amount of items on the market is bought, the next standing order will then be filled, or, if there are no more standing orders for that item at that price, the remaining units will be made available for others to buy manually. If a country's standing order is interrupted by a lack of cash on hand, the order is canceled. This feature was implemented to discourage market transfers and market camping.

Market History

You may view market reports split into intervals you specify on the drop-down, up to three days in the past. Only one type of good may be viewed at a time. Minimum price, maximum price, weighted average price, and total sold volume will be displayed for each period in which goods were sold in the time range you select.


Tech Per Turn

(also TPT for short) is the maximum number of tech points a country can research in a turn. This number is ultimately determined by the number of total research labs built on the land relative to the total amount acres. The more labs you have in relation to your total acres will provide a higher tech rate.

Technology strengthens your country by increasing its production or capabilities in a variety of ways. It can also reduce costs or casualties in battle.

Technology can be acquired in five ways:

  1. Produced using research labs.
  2. Bought off the public market.
  3. Stolen using the espionage spy operation.
  4. Procured through research pacts.
  5. Gained in successful planned strike or standard strike attacks.

Depending on your choice of government, you may have natural technological penalties or bonuses. Theocracy has a -35% penalty to their maximum tech, while democracies have a +10% maximum tech bonus. Communism has a +20% tech effectiveness bonus.


Technology Affects Base % Maximum Tech %
Normal Democracy Theocracy


Reduces military expenditures. Lowers private market cost to buy. Raises private market sell prices. 100% 83.33% 81.66% 89.16%


Reduces military losses in attacks against you. Aids in curing the effects of bio terrorism 100% 66.66% 63.33% 78.33%


Increases maximum per capita income 100% 180% 188% 152%


Increases maximum population 100% 180% 188% 152%


Increases the maximum amount of bushels that can be produced in a turn. 100% 230% 243% 184.5%


Increases missile production capabilities. 0.2% 5% 5.5% 3.32%

Military Strategy

Allows your forces to gain more land and resources from both planned strike and standard strike attacks as well as increases the returns (damage) of other attacks. 100% 140% 144% 126%


Increases your overall military strength without the need to buy more military units. 100% 150% 155% 132.5%


Increases the amount of military units your industrial complexes can produce each turn. 100% 160% 166% 139%


Increases the chance your operatives will successfully execute and/or thwart enemy spy missions. 100% 150% 155% 132.5%


The Strategic Defense Initiative, is a ground-based weapons system designed to counter enemy nuclear, cruise and chemical missiles. While there is always a chance of a missile getting through, SDI can potentially destroy incoming missiles from enemy forces. 1% 90% 98.9% 58.85%


Standing Army

Standing Army


On any attack you make, the forces used are temporarily placed into a brigade. For all attacks, except planned strikes this is done immediately. Each game server has different lengths of time for which a planned strike brigade will rest, but in most cases this is 20 hours. Each country may only have a maximum of 5 brigades, so if you do 5 planned strike attacks in a short period of time, you will not be able to make any more attacks until at least one of your brigades opens up.


Alliances are a powerful method of furthering your influence in the world around you. There are five types of alliances, as described below. However, being a member of an alliance requires a portion of your income to each turn. When joining an alliance, you are restricted from breaking the pact for at least 72 hours.

Pact type Description


A defensive alliance builds a solid foundation to protect each of the partners. Any time you are attacked, 25% of of your allies' forces will come to assist in your defense. However, Your total battle strength cannot be more than doubled through allies, so having allies at your strength is most beneficial in the long run. Being a member of a Defensive Alliance consumes 0.2% of your networth each turn.


The opposite of the defensive alliance, an Offensive Alliance will automatically bring in 25% of your allies' available army during your attacks (if available). This type of alliance also requires 0.2% of your networth to maintain. Once again, your total strength cannot be increased by more than 100%, so having allies at your strength is most beneficial in the long run.


An intelligence alliance brings together the strength of each member's intelligence agencies in both engaging in and protecting from spy operations. This alliance consumes 0.15% of your networth to maintain.


This alliance is beneficial to technology-intensive countries. Each time one member engages in research, others will acquire 10% of this knowledge. This alliance also requires 0.15% of your networth in support costs. Note that the amount of technology you receive is also dependent upon your own tech levels. A lack of technology on your part will limit your gains from an alliance.


This alliance, which only consumes 0.05% of your networth, is for countries who wish to engage in trade but do not wish to agree to a more advanced alliance. The only benefit of this alliance is that it creates a formal pact allowing trade.

Spy Center

Spies Per Acre of Land

(also SPAL for short) The success of a operation is based on your SPAL versus your opponents. The higher your SPAL, the more likely it is you will be successful in performing spy operations and defending against attacks your opponents send at you.

Spy technology will also increase your ability to successfully perform and repel operations against you.

Spy Operations can be used to find information about your opponents and steal or even destroy their resources.

Spies can only be produced with Industrial Complexes, and are the only military unit that cannot be bought on the private or public market.

If you fail an operation, your opponent and their clan administrators (if applicable) are made aware of your country name and number, and the type of operation attempted.

There are diminishing returns for repeated harmful spy ops against one country. Even though your SPAL may be much larger, you will begin to fail more often when targeting the same country repetitively. Non-harmful spy ops are not affected by DR and do not increase it as there is no damage to be diminished.


Each server has different limitations as to how many spy operations can be performed daily. These limitations are measured over a 24 hour period of time.

Server Ops/day
Primary 35
Alliance 50
Express 120
Team 75
Free For All 50
Tournament 25

Spy operations auto-saved

All Spy operations will be saved to your country for 3 days automatically. Currently, you can only save country status reports. Should you want to keep these pages longer, they may be saved and/or deleted if desired.

Normal Operations

Normal spy operations include those which are not damaging in nature toward your target. These are report operations. Though it is never good to fail an operation, these types of ops on other targets are tolerated a little more moderately. On clan-based servers, these types of operations can be uploaded to a clan hosting site to share with your clan members. Directions for how to upload these operations to a specific site is covered on the Op and Advisor Uploads page.

Operation Type Description


Report Your operatives attempt to gain intelligence about another country's status. This report shows you what your target would see on their advisor page. Some information such as your target's turns will not update until the next time they login.

Spy On Alliances

Report Your operatives will attempt to gather information on your target's relations with other players.

Market Spy

Report Your operatives will attempt to gather information on the units and resources your target has for sale on the public market.

Military Spy

Report A military spy report will reveal your target's military status. If your target has used a planned strike attack recently, this will show you how many brigades are currently resting, and the readiness of the standing army.

Harmful Operations

Harmful operations are used to damage your target's resources or military capability. Use of these covert attacks is generally considered an act of war. The amount of damage an operation does is dependent on the resources of the target as well as that of the spying country.

Operation Type Description

Stir Rebellions

Covert This operation sends your agents into opposing countries to try to convince their citizens to emigrate from their empire.

Cause Dissensions

Covert By discouraging your target country's military, you can try to make a portion of their troops to flee from their standing army.

Bomb Airbases

Covert In this operation, your agents will attempt to infiltrate your enemy's airbases and destroy stationary jets.


Covert Sending your agents into opposing research labs, this operation is the only one that physically benefits you. If successful, you will capture a small portion of your opponent's technology points.

Bomb Buildings

Covert As the name implies, this operation focuses on destroying a portion of your enemy's structures; this can be very costly to your target in terms of turns wasted rebuilding.

Sabotage Intelligence

Covert Pitting your agents directly against your opponent's, in this operation you attempt to assassinate or make ineffective as many as possible of your target's spies, thereby weakening their defensive position.

Bomb Banks

Covert To prevent your opponents from stockpiling excess cash, you can opt to attempt to bomb their country's central banks and destroy a portion of their money supply.

Raid Food Stores

Covert Similar to bombing banks, burning food stores destroys a portion of another country's food stock, forcing them to not only watch their finances, but their food supplies as well. In addition, your operatives will capture a small portion of your enemy's reserves.

Sabotage Missiles

Covert Ruthless countries often stockpile weapons of mass destruction such as Nuclear or Chemical weapons. This operation sends your covert forces out to dismantle as many opponents' missiles as possible.


Covert By sending your agents to weaken an opposing countries military readiness, you may be able to effectively defeat your target with a smaller number of required forces. The power of a healthy, ready army can never be underestimated.


Covert By releasing biochemical agents into an opposing companies infrastructure -- the water & food supplies -- you can cause disease to spread throughout their kingdom. Until their medical efforts result in a cure, the plagues will spread and kill people across the land.

Raid Oil Reserves

Covert Oil is an essential commodity for any nation-state who wishes to engage in war. By burning small pockets of these reserves, you can slowly diminish an opponent's ability to conduct effective war campaigns. In addition, your operatives will capture a small portion of your enemy's reserves.

War Room

General Information

Warfare is the primary method of achieving greatness and recognition amongst your opponents. Your military can make attacks using various strategies, each with benefits and drawbacks. This menu is where the action happens!

Normal Attacks

Normal attacks are not typically considered an act of war (or in other words a harmful attack). It is generally acceptable to respond to a normal attack (or an attempt at one) with another normal attack. Clans have retaliation policies and pacts with other clans which determine how to appropriately handle these incidents. Clans usually make a list of their friends available to members to try to avoid political disturbances which can arise from hitting allies and friends.

Attack Description

Standard strike

(aka SS) The standard strike is the normal attack used when you want to attack an opponent and capture their holdings. Standard strikes cause the readiness of those forces to fall about 18-20%, so it is best not to send too many forces for no reason. These attacks take no time beyond the two turns. Standard strikes capture between 3% and 8% of your opponent's land, along with money, food, buildings, and technology. The percentage of land you receive depends on the size of your opponent (bigger opponents yield a higher percentage of land), but successive attacks bring lower returns.

Planned strike

(aka PS) Similar to the standard strike, this attack takes place immediately, but your forces will be placed in rehabilitation for a period of time (see also: Military status). During this time, the forces used in the planned attack will not be available for attacks or defense. Like a standard strike, this attack captures a variety of your opponents' buildings, land, money, and technology at slightly higher rates. Because your forces take great care in planning the attack, they get a 50% bonus in attack strength. This attack is best used for challenging larger opponents.

Harmful Attacks

Attack Description

Guerrilla strike

(aka GS) Using covert strategies, this attack sends only troops to attack and torch enemy lands. Because of the surprise factor, only opponent troops can fight back. If you are able to penetrate opposing defenses, you will kill a significant portion of your opponent's civilian population and a portion of their food reserves.

Bombing run

(aka BR) Sending a fleet of jets over enemy lands, your forces will face defenses consisting only of turret fire. If you can penetrate those defenses, your bombs will kill civilians and incinerate a portion of your opponent's buildings.

Artillery barrage

(aka AB) Pitting your tanks against your opponent's, this military strike focuses primarily on destroying enemy structures. While your opponent will not lose land even if you succeed, a significant portion of their buildings will lie in pieces.

Chemical Missile

(aka CM) Similar to the Nuclear assault in terms of missile development and SDI protection, the chemical weapon focuses primarily on an enemy's population. While it also destroys some buildings, chemical weapons kill off a portion of an opponent's civilian population, reducing tax revenues until that population is rebuilt. This is the most easily developed missile technology.

Cruise Missile

(aka EM) Launching Cruise Missiles at an opponent's military installations is an effective way of destroying military of all types, as well as reducing your enemy's army readiness. These missiles can help soften up an enemy before a wide-scale invasion.

Nuclear Missile

(aka NM) Launching a nuclear attack requires that you have discovered a nuclear missile. While all countries have a chance of producing a weapon each turn, technology can help to assist in developing more of these weapons. Launching a nuclear weapon will destroy a portion of your opponent's land. The only defense against this weapon is the SDI system, a product of technological development.

Declare War

Attacks can be made at any time without any formal declaration of war. However, oftentimes you may find that you cannot attack another country because they are protected by GDI. By Declaring War on a country, you automatically can attack them without regard for GDI. Additionally, you gain a +10% attack strength bonus against any country you declare war with. However, they will also be able to attack you without regard for GDI, you can only make peace after 48 hours, and War costs $10/acre for each turn you are at war (included in Alliance Expenses). You may only be at war with one player at a time.




From the news page, you can search recent attacks made between countries and alliances in-game. In-game new searching is limited to the first 1000 results, so refining your search is recommended. For alliance-based servers, you will probably find hosting sites have more robust news tools available. Another option is EE Stats, a third-party news site for all game servers.


The scores page will show the top 10 countries on a server, and also a range of countries both above and below you in networth.


From this screen you may create a clan or join one for which you have been authorized to do so. To join an existing clan, simply type the Clan ID (tag) and Password. If you are already in a clan, you may choose to leave it from this screen as well.

Creating a Clan

Clan Name: The name of your alliance. It is generally a good idea to give your alliance a proper name so people can easily identify you.

Clan Tag: Is an abbreviated or short form of your clan name which is how you will be listed on scores pages and third party hosting sites.

Clan Website: A link for which people can apply to your clan. This is usually linked to the application form on a hosting site like Boxcar or GHQNet. If you are not recruiting, this field may be left blank.

Clan Password: This is the password you will give to people to join your alliance. It is good practice to keep this under guard. Clans without passwords, or passwords that have willingly been made public are known as 'spam tags'. This practice, though within the rules of the game is frowned upon.

Administrative Password: This is a password given to members of your alliance who hold leadership positions. People with this password are given permission to perform administrative functions (see below).

Administrative Options

Clan administrators have a small (but important) set of options available from this screen:

  • Clan administrators may send mass messages in-game to all countries belonging to the tag. Using this feature for malicious purposes such as sending spam to players is a bannable offense.
  • Members may be removed from an alliance by entering their number in the appropriate box and clicking the button below.
  • Your homepage link may be changed.
  • Clan and Admin passwords may also be changed here.


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